Judges’ Top Tips

See below for some top tips from our judges of what makes a stand out entry:


Dawn Anderson | Managing Director, Bertey
1. Be consistent throughout your entry and tie back objectives to results.
2. Use SMART objectives and avoid percentages.
3. Be creative!


Darian Kovacs | Founding Partner, Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
1. Keep it simple and precise.
2. Bring the data! Ensure it’s full of hard solid information that we can understand.


Judith Lewis | Founder & CEO, DeCabbit Consulting
1. Match objectives to results – this is the most critical thing that is often missed.
2. Check your wordcount – we’re OK with 5 words over, we are *NOT* OK with 500 words over!
3. Focus on provable facts and explain why this is award-winning – you’ve lived this but we haven’t so give us a window.


Kevin Gibbons | CEO at Re:signal
1. Clear objectives – don’t just get obsessed with SEO KPIs, what was the business goal and how did you perform against it?
2. Innovative approach – show what made it different, smart and creative.
3. Back it up with evidence such as screenshots and data points (real numbers not just percentages).


Motoko Hunt | President & International Search Marketing Consultant, AJPR
The Canadian Search Awards is the celebration of smart and hard working digital marketers of all sizes in the region. I look forward to seeing many entries backed by data and facts.


Adam Guerguis | Digital Marketing Manager, Airbnb
1. An approach that is scalable and ideally can be replicated.
2. A campaign that doesn’t fall victim into marketing myopia and ensures that the campaign is backed by a strong understanding of the market and the target audience.
3. Cross-functional teamwork demonstration, clear and simple documentation, and the ability to onboard new team members at a timely manner if the team decided to change/grow resources.


Jean-Baptiste Garnier | Head of Online Sales & Marketing, Foyer Global Health
1. Never seen/tested/reported before.
2. A true breakthrough for search marketing (innovation).
3. Well documented and with relevant data/outcomes.
4. Search mixed with other channels.




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