Hear from Our Winners


Art & Science – 2021 Best PPC Agency, Best Local Campaign & Best Integrated Campaign

“2020 had expedited the need for digital presence in all brands among all categories multiplying the overall opportunity in the industry. The Canadian Search Awards gave us a chance to re-examine our work in the context of this opportunity and to recognize some of our wins in the past year. We believe that these awards are both a reminder and a recognition of the collaboration and continuous growth we experience with our clients.

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Search Warrant Online Marketing – 2021 Best Use of Search – Third Sector/Not for Profit

“The 2021 Canadian Search Awards have been the calm after the storm for Search Warrant Online Marketing. It has been a tough year for everyone, and these awards served as validation for our digital marketing efforts here at Search Warrant. Our team is honoured to receive recognition from the Canadian Search Awards and looks forward to what we can bring to the awards next year.”

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Sky Alphabet – 2021 Most Innovative Campaign

“In the world of digital, it is remarkable to see different worlds come into contact with one another, often totally unexpectedly and rapidly. These awards have always been at the forefront of change and innovation. We were first recognized with a search award for a campaign that involved podcast advertising and SEO. Podcasting had just arrived and was quickly scaling up so the challenge was to monetize it with organic search before anyone else. Our most recent award involved search on social media. Again, something that is growing exponentially and from out of left field. The judges and sponsors are so valuable in their ability to spot trends before they become trends. For our agency, this has been truly remarkable as the recognition of people who “really know” can be much more convincing than our theories.”

Rablab – 2020 Best Small Integrated Search Agency

“This recognition is extremely heart warming and confirms our role in the Canadian web marketing industry. Hopefully soon we’ll be going for the prize of ‘Best large Agency’, that we will target!”

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Major Tom – 2020 Best Use of Search: Retail / eCommerce (PPC)

“We always strive to do better than we’ve done before. Committing ourselves to improving our skills, networks, and client relationships is at the core of every decision we make. This award is a great motivator for our team to keep learning, growing, and improving our processes. We’re always wondering, what can we do next?”

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Search Warrant Online Marketing – 2020 Best Use of Search: Travel / Leisure

“What are the Canadian Search Awards? It’s the premier award celebration of SEO, PPC and Content marketing. This year is the first year the awards have been in Canada, and we’ve never been more proud of our incredible team here at Search Warrant as well as our friends at Alphabet Creative.”

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